Tom Waits – Satisfied (video)


Before I am gone …

R.E.M. — The end, sad, but sweetness follows


The first album I ever listened to was Out of Time. That one afternoon, over 20 years ago, started a long romance: me and music. A lot of listening. A lot of videos. Plenty of album covers. R.E.M. did all these things so well: the album covers, the videos and most important the music with Stipe’s brilliant lyrics. It’s sad to see the band disband today, but at the same time, in such an R.E.M. way, it also feels sweet. I will conclude with some of the videos from their superb last album, Collapase Into Now. They actually commissioned artists to create videos for each of the songs on the album.

Let the retrospectives and the creation of top-favorite songs charts commence. I just want to name so many of them.

Anna Calvi – Desire


If you have the opportunity to see her live don’t miss it, she is some kind of kick-ass mix of PJ Harvey and Prada.

Everybody Berlin :: R.E.M. – ÜBerlin (video)


Everybody Hurts can’t really exist nowadays, it’s a different time. However, Berlin does exist. And where the urban exists, the lost souls trippin’ through it exist. There’s nothing like lost souls.

Weekend Wishes :: J.Viewz – Oh, Something’s Quiet (feat. Kelli Scarr)


A Hawk and A Hacksaw – László Lassú (video)


Full of sweetness, both in music and visuals. It’s fun to see a video that its virtue is its modesty. They are touring now, don’t miss it. I have seen them live 3 times by now and each time was an experience to treasure.