Boom Bip’s new record

Boom Bips new record :: blueeyedintheredroomboombip480
I heard this a short while ago and was really excited, and got even more excited when I heard a few of the new tracks. Boom Bip is releasing a new record under Lex called Blue Eyed in the Red Room. Some one told me that ‘red room’ is a reference to Cubrick’s the Shine, but what was written there is ‘redrum’ (which is murder in reverse), so the reference might exist but it’s a bit faint.
For these of you who are familiar with Corymb, Boom Bip’s latest, then it’s enough to say that he is continuing the same line of sound which he started with in Corymb. Which is fantatic. Many times artists tire a sound, like Massive Attack did with a 100th Window (which sounded just like Mezzanine), but here it is just in the right place.
For these of you who haven’t heard Corymb – go get it, and hurry. The sound is like Trip-Hop meets Hip-Hop meets Post-Rock and some Indie Electronic. Lots of names for one music. It’s a sound which is hard to describe. Kind of a dark undergroud Hip Hop sound which shines in the same time. Corymb is also full of remixed by great artist (Lali Puna, for one). The sound of dark comics dreams, but good dark comics dreams.

So this is one very exciting release that is heading our way. Another one is from the magnificent Books which are expected to release a new album in Tomlab in a few weeks as well. I am listening to a few track from it, getting my thoughts about this one together.