Glitchy Chillout: Lusine – Serial Hodgepodge

Glitchy Chillout: Lusine   Serial Hodgepodge :: lusine serial

Glitchy Chillout: Lusine   Serial Hodgepodge :: mp3filesGlitch and Chillout might sound contradicting to each, and actually to me they are. Glitch is a the flavor of the mind, aimed at intriguing the listener. Chillout aims at the muscles – a relaxation drug. Well, actually they are both styles of music, and at the end aimed at nothing except being music. That said, I would also like to say that the contradiction between the two is what makes the combination of them so wonderful, and that’s exactly what Lusine does on his Serial Hodgepodge album. Well, actually if we are people of definitions we ought to say that Lusine is an IDM artist, but was putting this aside the album does sound like a mix of glitchy sounds and chillout. It’s a great relaxant that won’t let you mind melt but will keep it active and sharp.
The most powerful track that I heard from this album is by no doubt the opening title – Ask You. It’s a broken piece of fat sounds. Once you break fat sounds, you make them thin, but they are still oily. At first the album might sound a bit un-creative, as if Lusine surrendered to the chillout side of it, but after a few listens as each layer unfolds it self, you find out that this album is quite reach. It is filled with heavy basses, glitch-like faulty sounds, broken IDM bits and even some strings on Payne’s Gray.
You can find some track and a video clip at Lusine’s site.