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Babies Walk: Sigur Ros – Takk (Track by Track)


Babies Walk: Sigur Ros   Takk (Track by Track) :: takk0suTakk ‘Track by Track’ [15MB MP3]

Babies have to be walked from place to place with their parents holding their hand. With a new Sigur Ros record what are we but little tiny babies? So, we need to be walked through the record – track by track. The kind (and somewhat odd) people from Iceland who gave us this wonderful record also came over to walk us in it, track by track, slowly. A lot have been said about this record, so much that I feel that if I will contribute my voice the world will overflow and a lot of wonderful things will disappear. So, here is only this walk – track by track.

Fun Design: Architecture in Helsinki – In Case We Die

Fun Design: Architecture in Helsinki   In Case We Die :: ahipic23lh

They are from Helsinki. Maybe.
Well, not really, they are from Australia.
They make, they build, they plan fun.
Architecture is Helsinki is a funny issue.
It’s designed to make the gloomy sky seem blue,
and the rainy morning like a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Plans of fun are easily executed. Hard times are postponed, and seems to cease to exist, when every possible sound is recruited to make a music with one meaning, one essence – fun. Real fun is more then a one time flirt with laughter, it’s a continuous voyage, a place where you can visit again and again. Architecture in Helsinki is just this kind of real fun, a place to visit again and again, a place to enjoy and to laugh over and over again. How delightful.

Download lyrics for In Case We Die [PDF], and for Fingers Crossed [PDF]. Samples for all the tracks on both of their albums is available at the album site, and at their official site.

Organic Strings: Amina – Animamina EP

Organic Strings: Amina   Animamina EP :: amina49pi

Skakka [5.1MB MP3]

String 1. String 2. String 4. A forgotten string. A stony string. A white string. A red string. A flowery string. A rainy string. Fingers. A long finger. A short finger. A hard tipped finger. A carefully manicured fingered. A naked finger. Strings and fingers. Music. String 1. Finger. String 2. Finger. String 3. Finger.
Amina was already mentioned here. And after seeing them live I got a hold on their debut EP and listened to it. The experience is breath taking. An delicate ballet of fingers caressing organic strings. It’s like the girls of Amina don’t play instruments, they play their own body. In no other way such harmony can be achieved. String 1. String 2. In a few seconds I won’t be here. A few seconds later you will be able to join me. Just listen.

More information about Amina can be found on their official site, on this fansite and in this previous post.

A Nonexisting Future: Midaircondo – Shopping for Images


A Nonexisting Future: Midaircondo   Shopping for Images :: midaircondopress2sqsize04zmSerenade Video Clip
[MOV 14MB] [MOV 34MB] [MOV 94MB]

The future is not here. The future is not there. It’s definitely not now, and also not then. It won’t come tomorrow, or even the day after it. It will never come. The future never existed and will never exist, and it curtail doesn’t exist now. The future is an idea. It’s an idea of a space, an impossible space that houses all our wishes and desires. Such a space can’t exist, it’s impossible. It has to be flexible and it has to be vast and at the same time tiny. The future doesn’t exist, in the past we have already been and the present is to elusive to talk about, so where are we? When are we?
Midaircondo’s music is just about this. It’s about floating over endless snowy landscapes. It’s about a time that will never exist and never existed. It’s about a now that can’t happen. And surprise, surprise it’s from the north. In the future we will all live above ground in spacious rooms with no walls. Don’t you believe me? Just listen to Midaircondo a bit and find out for yourself. The future is all about Shopping for Images, shopping for desires.
Midaircondo’s music in a concoction of samples, live instruments and the angelic voices of the members of the trio. It can be best described by comparing it not to another’s music, but the endless landscapes of northern Europe.

A Nonexisting Future: Midaircondo   Shopping for Images :: picture6size03wf

A Dead Language is Like a Dead Leaf: Mus


A Dead Language is Like a Dead Leaf: Mus :: 2622118zvAl Debalu [MP3]
Nautila [MP3]
La Sosiega [MP3]

The best kind of soil is that made of dead leafs and animals. The dead bodies of the past are the fertile life giving ground of today, giving life to tomorrow. It’s a wonderful cycle. If the question of where music came from existed, I would love to have the answer be: from dead languages. The crumbled bodies of old languages, that died a long time ago, come to back to the world, back to life, in the form of music. The sounds of these languages is mixed to create the blend which we today call music. Dead language makes out the music of today. With this perception it’s easy to understand why music “talks” to us so easily. Sometimes, through the blend of every day music, a miracle occurs and by chance an old language is revived with whole its magic, even though it’s just for a short while. Mus creates their music in such a dead language, and by that seem to be a miracle, that although won’t last forever, is still a delight to sit in its warmth. After listening to Mus and realizing the incredible similarity to Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, one can’t avoid pondering if Sandoval is also a miracle. For everyone who loves such nostalgic miracles, Mus is for you.

A Dead Language is Like a Dead Leaf: Mus :: 2622016ti