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A Nonexisting Future: Midaircondo   Shopping for Images :: midaircondopress2sqsize04zmSerenade Video Clip
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The future is not here. The future is not there. It’s definitely not now, and also not then. It won’t come tomorrow, or even the day after it. It will never come. The future never existed and will never exist, and it curtail doesn’t exist now. The future is an idea. It’s an idea of a space, an impossible space that houses all our wishes and desires. Such a space can’t exist, it’s impossible. It has to be flexible and it has to be vast and at the same time tiny. The future doesn’t exist, in the past we have already been and the present is to elusive to talk about, so where are we? When are we?
Midaircondo’s music is just about this. It’s about floating over endless snowy landscapes. It’s about a time that will never exist and never existed. It’s about a now that can’t happen. And surprise, surprise it’s from the north. In the future we will all live above ground in spacious rooms with no walls. Don’t you believe me? Just listen to Midaircondo a bit and find out for yourself. The future is all about Shopping for Images, shopping for desires.
Midaircondo’s music in a concoction of samples, live instruments and the angelic voices of the members of the trio. It can be best described by comparing it not to another’s music, but the endless landscapes of northern Europe.

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