Gods of the Forest and Us: Animal Collective – Feels

Gods of the Forest and Us: Animal Collective   Feels :: 1723588bc

Grass Video Clip [MOV]

Spirits of the forest unite! Men has come with axes and saws to pluck us out of our home. Men has come to ruin. Men has come, so unite! Let all the floating ghosts and living ones join hands, dance and sing against the destruction. Alas, what is that? Am I delirious? Men has joined us. They sing. They dance. Around the fire camp they are just like us. They have found their place among us animals. Part of us. Part of the collective. Animal Collective.
On Feels Animal Collective stretch their theme of ghostly forest campfire dance a bit further. It’s ghostly. It got the fire. It got starry night. It got the full moon. It got haunting voices with primal sounds. It’s the essence of Animal Collective, and it’s much better then what they did until today (with exception of their Prospect Hummer EP with Vashti Bunyan which was brilliant). There are some samples of some of the songs on the record’s page at FatCat Records.

Some older videos of Animal Collective:
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