Blood Thirsty Europeans: Efterklang – Under Giant Trees

Falling Horses [MP3]
Towards The Bare Hill [MP3]
Blood Thirsty Europeans: Efterklang   Under Giant Trees :: efterklang under giant trees smallEurope was always out to conquer the world, if it’s by sheer force and technology or by culture, and from the north came the Vikings. These times are long gone, and now Europe is on the defense more than on the attack. However, Europe, and especially the scions of the terrifying Vikings, is still making music for war. Blood thirsty music, overflowing with power, with glory, taking over, feeling every inch, conquering the listener and all that is around. Efterklang’s new album, in continuation to their first, is powerful and conquering, and one can wonder if he will ever get to get conquered in such a divine way.
Efterklang’s new mini album will be released on the Leaf label on April 2nd.
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  1. Michael wrote:

    Can’t wait for this ep, sounds fantastic. I have a video of “Jojo” on my site right now

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