Multicultural Sound Journey: Bajka

I Can No Poet Be [MP3]
A Vision (Part 1-3) [MP3]
Multicultural Sound Journey: Bajka :: Criss crossing the world from India to South Africa, absorbing all that comes her way, poetess and singer Bajka brings in her work the world itself. Diving into dark and psychedelic jazz, collecting experiences in various electronic, chill-out and hip-hop projects, she delivers multi-influenced, yet unique mixture of sound. Aside from her notable contributions to Radio Citizen’s critically acclaimed album Berlin Serengeti (2006) and the latest Bonobo record – Days To Come (2006), in her solo work Bajka delivers the experimental and intriguing. Enigmatic and seductively soulful, she mesmerizes with her unique vocal qualities.
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  1. philippe traber wrote:

    dear bajka
    your singing touching my sence of music completly. it’s a gift for me to hear such music and it makes my musical world more complete. i compose music since a couple of years but never released something yet. music is my love and to be touched by your voice gives me new inspiration.
    i shall be touched by the beauty of life
    aum namah shivaya

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