Did Anybody Say Nina Simone? — Ruth Dolores Weiss

I have always read about unforgettable concerts. The kind of live shows that etch your heart and you will always carry with you. My dad has a bunch of them and it’s always fun to hear, although I have to say it leaves me a bit envious and with a feeling of a golden age that is now gone and I have missed. However, gems still exist nowadays and I got to see exactly this kind of live performance a few days ago. Ruth Dolores Weiss’ music is amazing, her records are superb, but nothing compares to the energy she displays in her live gigs. I have never seen an artist that gives himself in such a way. I can only wonder how she still has the energy to do it, I would have been burnt out after once or twice. I know that video won’t really relay the feeling (especially in such poor quality), but it’s the only thing left that can be displayed out in the open.

It’s possible to buy Ruth’s music (in MP3 form as well as in more classical media) on Anova Music.

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