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Something Gothic, Something Shittic: Wim Delvoye


Something Gothic, Something Shittic: Wim Delvoye :: info5rrCloaca Shit Maker [2] [3]
Tattooed Pigs [2]
X-Ray Pornography [2] [3] [4] [5]
Painted Gas Container
Gothic Caterpillars [2] [3] [4]
Rococo Cement Mixer [2] [3]
This not a musical piece, it something different. Wim Delvoye is a Belgian conceptual artist, whatever this means. I won’t even start to try and guess if what he does is considered art or not, but it does make fun. During the last few years he has been dealing with some pretty bizarre projects (I think this is the concept in being a conceptual artist). He tattooed pigs, and in general he seem to have some sort of fetish about meat and doing things to it. He did some x-ray pornography, which is a whole new way to get turned on (especially for x-ray technicians, I guess). He seem to have this obsession about taking daily objects and applying to them some neo-Gothic design, like he does mainly with construction vehicles. These I believe are the best of his work, and you really need to see them from up close to get the true feel of the details. In addition to the Gothic designs another big project is the Cloaca company, through which he build machines who emulate the work of the human digestion system – you put food in one end and get shit in the other. And just in case you wondered he informs:

We’re sorry to inform you all Cloaca-feces are currently sold out.
Many happy customers have secured their shit and are now experiencing the richness that Cloaca has to offer.
The remaining 100 feces have been held back for future capitalisation.

There is a nice article summarizing his doings here. Until March 31st there is a small exhibition of his stuff in Tel Aviv now (although I must admit that the best part of the exhibition was his catalog, and what they actually show is really little) at the Alon Segev gallery.