Sensual: Giuseppe De Nittis


Sensual: Giuseppe De Nittis :: nittis nudo con le calze rosse
Wonderful and sensual red stockings drawing by Giuseppe De Nittis.

Tidbit :: The Red Suitcase (short movie)


The Red Suitcase [SHORT MOVIE]
A wonderful short movie with music woven throughout.

Messy Hentai: Jeff Faerber

Messy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T bast haloMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T Jeff Faerber   Ms. Stripey SocksMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T konekoMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T maggie magma by jeff faerberMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T male nudeMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T MalinMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T nude cardboardMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T nursesMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T pixie pearlMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T shungaMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T sittingMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T staceyMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T trianglenudeMessy Hentai: Jeff Faerber :: T vase1

Faerber creates extraordinary images with clear influence from the Japanese Hentai world and artists in the likes of Egon Schiele. Faerber images are both disturbing and exciting. Looking at them the viewer might at first withdraw and distance himself, but is bound to end up diving into the wonderful fetishism that goes through Faerber’s Eros series. However, mistake not, Faerber’s work also radiates purity and benevolence through the use of Christian sainthood symbols and classical postures. A work of contradictions, Faerber’s Eros is enchanting and thought provoking.
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Tidbit :: The Unicorn in the Garden (animated short)


The Unicorn in the Garden [YouTube]
A classic UPA animated short with a moral to treasure, and some more UPA cartoons.

Tidbit :: Detektivbyrån – Lyckans Undulat (video)


Detektivbyrån – Lyckans Undulat [YouTube] [High Resolution]
A charming video from Detektivbyrån.

Cheerful Melancholia: Noah And The Whale


2 Bodies 1 Heart [MP3]
5 Years Time [MP3]
Five Years Time [VIDEO]
Cheerful Melancholia: Noah And The Whale  :: noahandthewhaleAs the London-based members of Noah and the Whale incorporate their catchy Indie-Folk melodies with sunshine pop dipped in melancholic notes, they leave you warm and cosy, smiling and hopeful. The ukuleles, violins, handclaps, the distinct whistling refrain and the sing-along lines of “Five Years Time” strike at first as naive and whimsical. Yet the overall optimistic sound, the lighthearted folk and cheerful tunes of Noah and the Whale carry sadder hints, dreamy and wistful feelings.
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