Folking Bluegrass: Moriarty


Jimmy [VIDEO]
Folking Bluegrass: Moriarty :: moriartyMoriarty create a folk fairy tale that seems to take place somewhere in the mountains of Tennessee. It doesn’t really matter if Tennessee has the required mountains, it doesn’t really matter if Tennessee exists at all. The place is irrelevant, because these folk stories can be told anywhere. Folking their way into the Bluegrass realm, Moriarty are as place less as eternal. Everywhere and always, Jimmy-types kids are running around and people are going to war.
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Softy-Folky: Dawn Landes


Young Folks [MP3]
Twilight [MP3]
Softy Folky: Dawn Landes :: dawn landesThe modern take on Folk music often brings out the protesting side of the genre. However, this is not all that Folk music has to offer. It also has a soft side that is meant to caress the old and tired men sitting at the local pub at the end of a hard day’s labor. Dawn Landes dives into the roots of Folk and Bluegrass music and extracts from it this soft and caressing element, which filled the tired men with life. At the end of the day there’s the softness of home, of a loving woman, waiting only for you. We shouldn’t forget this aspect of the life of the simple folk, and with Dawn Landes and her soft loving caresses we are promised not only not to forget it, but also to take pleasure on it.
Young Folks (Bluegrass style) [YouTube] (a cover of Peter, Bjorn and John)
Twilight [YouTube]
Suspicion [YouTube]
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