Conquistadors: Oy Division


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Conquistadors: Oy Division :: oy divisionA word of clarification:

“Oy vey” (Yiddish: אױ װײ) (or just “oy”) is an exclamation of dismay or exasperation.

And a word of approbation:

Understanding matters little when the division marches on. In the basements of Tel Aviv, of all other place, these Eastern European conquistadors has commenced their advance. With a mixture of languages and cultures long pronounced dead, Oy Division creates, and re-creates, the Eastern European culture that seemed to have died years ago. My Yiddish and Russian are non existent and my German is a shame. I do posses an extensive knowledge of Hebrew and English, which here proved totally useless. It’s, of course, matters little in this “retro” festivity. Oy Division does traditional Klezmer music, but they do it the way it was done when it dictated the heart beats of million – frantic and insane.

Oy Division are releasing their debut album in May and will be touring Bangkok, Singapore, Hanoi, Krakow, Toronto, Tel Aviv and Romania until August (details on their MySpace).
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