Quartet + 1: Tom Waits and the Kronos Quartet – Healing the Divide


Tom Waits and the Kronos Quartet – Down in the Hole [MP3]
Quartet + 1: Tom Waits and the Kronos Quartet   Healing the Divide :: healing the divide
On September 21st, 2003 a live charity concert was recorded at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall in New York. Among the participants were the Dali Lama, Tom Waits, the Kronos Quartet and Phillip Glass. Tom Waits presents here a rare orchestral adaptation of his music. Accompanied by the string quartet and in a live atmosphere his music wears a refreshing form. However, it’s still Wait’s wonderful voice, and this can only mean one thing – pure delight.
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Healing the Divide

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Jagger, This is Rock: Spinster Sister


Poison [MP3]
Green Field [MP3]
Jagger, This is Rock: Spinster Sister :: img 3679Complaining about a bad review of a gig, Mick Jagger whined a short while ago that the gig was great and that the review ruins it for the fans. Well, this is not Rock attitude. To be honest, a true rocker would have calmly ignore the reviews or yell at them loud and clear to fuck off. Maybe Rock is something that goes away with the age, although Iggy Pop seems to contradict it.
The Spinster Sister, on the other hand, are young, fresh and make wonderful Rock. It’s not hard and not soft, it’s not polite, but it’s honest. This is how Rock should be (did someone say PJ Harvey or Mötley Crüe?). If the critics don’t like it? Well, fuck ‘em. This, dear Jagger, is what you lost along the way. With an upcoming new album, titled Lucky Drill, there’s something to look forward to.
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To All the Reviewers Out There: Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger


Oh my God,Whatever,Etc [MP3]
I Taught Myself How To Grow Ol [MP3]
To All the Reviewers Out There: Ryan Adams   Easy Tiger :: ryan adams 715512From a mail by a music drunk:

A new record, another masterpiece. I have read some reviews of “Easy Tiger”. I could virtually see the stressed-out scribes struggling with the lines that were still to be written, after the inevitable passage on how prolific Ryan Adams is was completed. I’m appreciative of the difficulties those writers encounter, of their woeful lifes, their dreadful bosses, of the snow and Cratchit’s family. I understand, those poor souls were condemned into an existentialist hell, which isn’t “other people”, but one’s very own opinions and the compulsion to speak them out. Look into their eyes, hazy from tears that settled down. Oh, you can’t be angry with them. Instead, forgive them, befriend them and teach them this helpful lesson of logic: All reviews of all forthcoming Ryan Adams records are to be schemed like this: Ryan’s the master. A record’s a piece. Therefore Ryan’s record’s a masterpiece. Simple it is.

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It’s important that you, the avid reader, understand that this text was not really written to be read.

Podcast: HarpyListens – East Meets West


East Meets West [47:33m]

This show has been re-edited and extended to two parts, each one hour long. Over the next few weeks we will publish them here on tinyways.
Podcast: HarpyListens   East Meets West :: east west4Now it is time for The East Meets West show to sing it across the globe.

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Dictating Masterpieces: Big Brother and the Holding Company – Cheap Thrills


Piece Of My Heart [MP3]
I Need A Man To Love [MP3]
Magic Of Love (Live) [MP3]
Combination Of The Two [MP3]
Dictating Masterpieces: Big Brother and the Holding Company   Cheap Thrills :: cheapthrillsA masterpiece stand out and cries out loud its status, claiming its place in our culture for a long time. Some might say that a masterpiece is measured by withstanding the effects of time, however this is not the case. A masterpiece is temporal like us all. Men, aspiring to eternity, creates trying to achieve perpetuation, but fails time after time. This does not come to undermine the value of a true masterpiece.
After saying all that I would like to say that Cheap Thrills is no masterpiece. Mistake not, this is a not a masterpiece. A masterpiece follows and ideal, Cheap Thrills is this idea in its purest form. Cheap Thrills, with Janis Joplin screaming with joy, is a an ideal in the sense Aristotle defined them to be, all the rest is just copies. Some are beautiful copies, but they are not Cheap Thrills. The just follow.
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