To All the Reviewers Out There: Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger


Oh my God,Whatever,Etc [MP3]
I Taught Myself How To Grow Ol [MP3]
To All the Reviewers Out There: Ryan Adams   Easy Tiger :: ryan adams 715512From a mail by a music drunk:

A new record, another masterpiece. I have read some reviews of “Easy Tiger”. I could virtually see the stressed-out scribes struggling with the lines that were still to be written, after the inevitable passage on how prolific Ryan Adams is was completed. I’m appreciative of the difficulties those writers encounter, of their woeful lifes, their dreadful bosses, of the snow and Cratchit’s family. I understand, those poor souls were condemned into an existentialist hell, which isn’t “other people”, but one’s very own opinions and the compulsion to speak them out. Look into their eyes, hazy from tears that settled down. Oh, you can’t be angry with them. Instead, forgive them, befriend them and teach them this helpful lesson of logic: All reviews of all forthcoming Ryan Adams records are to be schemed like this: Ryan’s the master. A record’s a piece. Therefore Ryan’s record’s a masterpiece. Simple it is.

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Taken form an email of a friend.

It’s important that you, the avid reader, understand that this text was not really written to be read.

Charming Underground Darling: Julie Doiron – Woke Myself Up


I Woke Myself Up [MP3]
No More [MP3]
Charming Underground Darling: Julie Doiron   Woke Myself Up :: julie doironI woke myself up. On a gloomy morning, the sounds of rain drops mixed with sweet minimalist pop and raw folk melodies are natural soundtrack. At times with a little dose of rock, and the delightful energy spreading all over the place, Julie Doiron flashes a perfect skill for unpretentiously crafted songs. It has a sense of drama, a feeling of melancholy, certain amount of charm and witty humor. It’s like rain and hot chocolate.
Completing her music is Julie’s photography, a collection of mostly intimate self-portraits from her life.
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Mirrored Canopy: Elliott Smith – New Moon


First Timer [MP3]
Thirteen [MP3]
Angel in the Snow [MP3]
Placeholder [MP3]
Abused [MP3] (unreleased track, not from New Moon)
Mirrored Canopy: Elliott Smith   New Moon :: elliott smithFrom the diary of a music drunk:

I can’t possibly ever go to bed. The new, most likely last Elliott Smith release “New Moon” is just too beautiful. I want to dissolve into any of these songs. I want to move into them, like into an apartment, and dwell there forevermore. I want to dive into them and drown.
You see, it’s that amazing, that I can’t hold on to myself. And since I don’t have a platform to address an anonymous mass from, you’re once again the dumpsite of my astonishment. Don’t believe in those 4 of 5 stars reviews. This is the whole world’s wide canopy, in a pond mirroring it. Yeah, that’s a place to drown.

Elliott Smith @ Wikipedia
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Post written by an anonymous friend.

Kodus for the friend who wrote this and wished for no photos and no a bunch of other things. Image from Wikipedia.

Your Little Song: Marissa Nadler – Songs III: Bird on the Water


Bird on Your Grave [MP3]
Dying Breed [MP3]
Your Little Song: Marissa Nadler   Songs III: Bird on the Water :: marrisa nadler red dress

Dear Marissa, will you play your famous song
your little song,
the one drifting over me
so light, and lovely
so fresh, and so old
will you play your little song for me?
I loved all the things you saw,
your little warbirds in the dark
I loved all the things you saw,
the ways in which the sounds fall
the ways in which your voice floats
into me

Marissa Nadler’s new album, titled Songs III: Bird on the Water, will be released on March 12th. It’s not as wonderful as the others were, it brings a whole new batch of wonders, packed neatly in a sack, to you, especially to you. Will you be the one say nay? This album is so full of wonders, one can only feel sorrow for letting only two flowers bloom here, but one can only hope that you will follow them and discover the miracles yourself, make them your own.
Marissa will be touring the US and Europe deep into May. Check out the dates on her MySpace page.
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Another World, Another End: Marrisa Nadler – Live on Bonanza at Resonance 104.4FM (21-05-06)


Another World, Another End: Marrisa Nadler   Live on Bonanza at Resonance 104.4FM (21 05 06) :: marissa nadler white
Diamond Heart [MP3]
Mexican Summer [MP3]
Dying Breed [MP3]
Annabelle Lee [MP3]
First, if you are listening from time to time to Resonance 104.4FM, and if you are living in London, help Resonance survive. The radio has a serious shortage of money, and to keep working the way it does, it needs more donations. If you are not familiar with this wonderful radio, go their website or tune in to 104.4 in London, and just listen.
Marissa is going to release her album Songs III: Bird on the Water on March 12th. Here are just sounds, no discussions, just music. Words end here, and so is the world. Will anything else start?
Hyacinth (live) [YouTube]
Live @ Brisbane
Salutations (live @ the Green Man Festival)
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Marissa @ MySpace
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